Mintmade Brands Ecosystem

Welcome to the MintMade Brands LLC ecosystem – a diverse and interconnected network of brands that are pushing boundaries, disrupting industries, and paving the way for a future that is as innovative as it is inclusive.

Our ecosystem consists of the following brands:

Travelmynt is your go-to online travel platform, offering everything from flight bookings and hotel accommodations to vacation packages and travel insurance. We believe in making travel accessible and enjoyable for all.

Mintmadebrands is the central hub for the MintMade ecosystem, providing information about our various brands and their offerings. We also serve as an e-commerce platform for selling merchandise and books related to our ecosystem.

Web3staffing is a staffing and recruitment agency specializing in the Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency industries. We connect skilled professionals with innovative companies, creating opportunities for growth and advancement.

CultureGamepublishing is a publishing company dedicated to producing and distributing content related to culture, gaming, and entertainment. We believe in the power of storytelling and strive to amplify voices from all walks of life.

Conceptualize AI

Conceptualize AI offers artificial intelligence (AI) consulting and development services. We help businesses across various industries implement AI solutions to enhance operations and drive innovation.

Web3Lightingbydesign specializes in integrating Web3 and blockchain technologies into lighting systems. We enable advanced features such as smart lighting and decentralized control, illuminating the future of home and commercial lighting.

Blockwise Legal Group is a provider of legal services and consultancy to clients operating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. We assist with regulatory compliance, smart contract audits, intellectual property protection, and dispute resolution.

Each brand in our ecosystem contributes to the overall vision and value proposition of MintMade Brands LLC. By working together, we strive to foster innovation, create value, and shape the future. We invite you to explore our ecosystem and join us in our journey towards a brighter, more connected world.